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The attraction is available now!

  • Lighting: about 650 RGB LED light bulbs
  • Dimensions of the built attraction: 12m x 5.0m x 8.0m
  • Dimensions of the disassembled attraction: 10.5 x 2.55m x 3.9m
  • Railing: stainless cut steel
  • No. of passengers: 16
  • Year of manufacture: 2015
  • More information
    boarding platform/floor – skidproof AL.
    trailer (drawbar, not semi!)
    hydraulic chassis alignment
    hydraulic tilting of the rings, façade and boarding platform


This attraction is equipped with an electronic system that allows you to start the ride only after the safety features are closed. There are limit switches on all doors and other safety parts. The main shafts are calibrated and certified. The attraction is prepared for certification according to the European standard EN 13814 and includes complete documentation, incl. the wiring.



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